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Featured Artist: Jessica Gianino (U.S.)

Check out Jess's other amazing stuff here:

Barbossa Doll
Created by Dianna
Simone! (Austria)
Drawings by Melissa, (US), thanks Melissa !
Hope (US)
She lives very near me, so that makes her extra special!

                                         Elba (US)        Chitose (JAPAN)
Sylvia (Germany)

Drawing by Maria (Zaragoza)
Thanks Maria!

Walsingham by SOPHIE (Canada)
CLICK HERE for more art by Sophie
Ashleigh (U.S.)

  "Geoff"                    "Henslowe"
         by Michele                 by Michele

(I feel so awkward with all of this other great artwork!)

Sofia (Spain)

Drawing by Cheryl (US)

  Above Drawing by Scullyx69 (Spain).  
Is she amazing or what??           

Click Here for more drawings by Scullyx 69

Sculpture by Tereza
This one blows me away!

Drawings by Paula
Check out her other drawings at

Drawings by Mel (UK)
Francesca!  (Italy)
Drawing by Ericka
Lola (US)
When Rushies Meet!
Robin and I met in Kentucky back in 2001.  
We had some drinks and got hit on by a lounge singer, bless his heart.  
We operate the mailing list, the g_spot, together.
(NO, it is not a list dedicated to exploring that little place we all know and love, so stop asking.
 It's a list for fans of Mr. Rush to socialize.)
Love ya Robs!!  

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